• 1

    Pay your first rental invoice

    Your first rent needs to be paid, so we can see your payment on the day when you collect your keys.

  • 2

    Report and update your new address

    Report your change of address at the Swedish Tax Agency so that your address is correct in the population register. It’s a requirement on our part that you are registered at your home address.

    Also remember to change address by adressändring.se before you move in so that your mail arrives at the correct address.

  • 3

    Reactivate your queue

    Log in to My pages to reactivate your queue and start collecting credit days again.

  • 4

    Home insurance

    As a tenant, you are responsible for your home and it’s therefore important that you have valid home insurance that allows you to receive compensation, for example in the event of a fire, flood or a break-in to your home or storage unit.

    As our tenant you will automatically receive home insurance from Trygg-Hansa if you have a Swedish personal identity number on your rental agreement. The offer is valid for two months from the move in date of your tenancy agreement. Then you need to make sure to extend the home insurance – alternatively get a new one from another company.

  • 5

    Electricity subscription

    Look at your rental agreement to you see what applies to your home.

    Electricity included (Elström ingår) = Your electricity consumption is included in the rent.
    Electricity not included (Elström ingår ej) = You need to contact an electricity supplier and sign an electricity agreement before you move in.
    Individual electricity = It’s stated as “El Schablon” on your rental agreement. This means that we pay for the subscription and then add a fee for the electricity you use on your rental invoice every month.

  • 6

    Think about what you need to bring with you

    Our homes are rented unfurnished, which means that you need to bring furniture and other household things with you.

    Kitchen items
    Pots, pans and other things you need for cooking.
    Plates, glasses and cutlery.
    A coffee machine may always be needed!

    Cleaning equipment
    Vacuum cleaner.
    Detergents, dish soap, brushes, cloths etcetera.

    It’s you who replaces light bulbs and possible fuses, so this is also something you should think of bringing.