Domestic violence often takes place in the home, a space which should be the safest place on earth. We want all who live in our accommodations to take care of each other. That’s why we’ve introduced Domestic courage – Huskurage, a policy which encourages us to prevent domestic violence together.

Together, with small efforts, we can prevent this type of violence. Research shows that those being exposed to violence are more inclined to offer resistance if they know help is available; for example, being aware their neighbours may come to the rescue. This knowledge gives us the opportunity to help our fellow residents by working together.

You can


Knock on your neighbour’s door

Ask if everything is okay, or come up with something completely random – maybe you need to borrow some washing powder? Simply knocking on the door, and then leaving, could be enough to interrupt the violence.

Get together

We understand if you feel uncomfortable knocking on the door by yourself, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t do it. Instead, visit in the company of other neighbours or call us on 08-458 10 10, and we’ll go together!

Call 112

Always contact the police in situations which appear threatening or urgent – either for your own sake or for someone else’s.

If children are involved

If you’re concerned about children being exposed to violence or neglect, contact the social services and report the circumstances.
Helpline: 08-508 400 00 – 24 hours a day

Thank you for caring!