It’s important to have a valid home insurance so that you can feel safe with your new home. If you are registered with your Swedish personal identity number when you sign your rental agreement, you will automatically receive a free home insurance from Trygg-Hansa which is valid for two months. You will be contacted by Trygg-Hansa with an offer to extend your insurance for the remaining period of your stay, but you may of course choose a another home insurance from a different company.

Without a valid home insurance, you have no right to financial assistance in the event of burglary, damage, flood, fire or other situations.

Benefits with TryggaHemmet

If your home is affected by a fire or some other damage that makes it impossible for you to stay in your home, you who have TryggaHemmet will get the following:

Assistance within four hours
Acute compensation up to SEK 50,000
Temporary accommodation for up to 18 months
Help with restoring your home