You can pick up your keys to your home from 2:00 p.m. on the same day as your rental agreement begins (1st or 16th each month). You’ll see the date on your rental agreement. If it occurs during a weekend or public holiday, you may pick up the keys the following weekday. Only you as a tenant on the rental agreement can pick up the keys and only after your rental agreement has become valid.

Remember that you must bring your identification in the form of either an ID-card, passport, or BankID when you pick up your keys. No other form of identification is allowed.

The keys are picked up at the House Caretaker’s office that belongs to your home.

If you can’t pick up your keys on the day your rental agreement starts, you may pick them up during your House Caretaker’s office other opening hours. In that case, you need to make an appointment with your House Caretaker to pick up your keys. You do not book a time to pick up your keys during the regular moving-in day (the day your rental agreement starts).

See contact details for your House Caretaker’s Office below. If you need to send an email to your House Caretaker’s Office, please include your name, address, and apartment number to be able to get help more easily.

See your House Caretaker’s office opening hours.

You belong to:

The address is:


User guide for your iLoq key

Insert the key completely into the cylinder and turn. If the lock does not open, remove the key and repeat the procedure at a slower, steady speed, so that the cylinder has time to recognize your key.

The contact wire in the metal part of the key must be kept clean and smooth. If it has become dirty, it can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Replace the key if the contact wire is damaged.

Do not use an iLoq key for any purpose other than those mentioned in this user guide as it may be damaged and become unusable.